Friday, January 4, 2008

Visual Aids

Here are some pictures from the trip to Garner....

El Rio Frio

Painted Rock in Garner State Park - well worth the hike

This bluff was not far from the trailhead in Lost Maples State Park. We hiked over four miles at Lost Maples, and there was some pretty strenuous climbing. The girls were real troopers.

Near the end of the hike in Lost Maples

The Little One, AKA The Machine, learning to cast. Turns out she is a natural.

The Not-So-Little One, fishing on the Frio. Before she was born, I thought I wanted to have boys, since I enjoy the outdoors so much. But the girls have proven to be every bit as much fun on camping trips, and they smell much better.

Nighty night....


Amanda said...

Garner State Park is awesome.
And you've got some really nice pics there, especially the top one.

amcnew said...

Thanks, Amanda. Still trying to become a better Asian!