Monday, September 21, 2009

New Things

I experienced some new things this past weekend. New stuff is my favorite stuff.

Friday marked my 16th wedding anniversary to Mikel. He sent me roses. It was only the second time in all these years that I received flowers from him. He said that is because if he sent them more often, it wouldn't be a surprise anymore. Although I can grasp his reasoning here, I'm not sure I condone it.

I did thank him.

Friday evening we went to the Dallas Museum of Art. Turns out they do a late night thing on the third Friday of every month and stay open until midnight. I called it our version of Night at the Museum. They currently have a performing arts exhibit, and we enjoyed music and dance performances throughout the evening. Mikel thought I was crazy for wishing we had brought the girls along on our anniversary date, but I'm pretty sure they would have loved it.

I'm also pretty sure I need to learn the flamenco.

Saturday morning I pulled a muscle in my right thigh mounting Mikel's Triumph. He was parked on an incline, and my leg wasn't long enough for me to swing it over the back rest from the left, so I thought I'd be clever and try the other side. I've never mounted anything from the right - not horses, not motorcycles, not ATV's, not dirt bikes, not bicycles. I even sleep on the left side of the bed.

Who knew it would make that much of a difference?

Saturday evening I participated in my very first 5K. My right thigh was still pretty sore, but I stretched really well. I ran a little, walked a lot, and perspired more than I thought humanly possible. It was actually kind of fun.

And I did not die.

I will always try new things. I think it is one way of staying young. I will probably even do some of these things again.

Except for the motorcycle-mounting thing.