Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hey, everybody! I finally got to see a couple of counseling clients. So far so good! It was just as mentally demanding as I thought it would be, and a whole lot more fun. The best part? Turning the "In Session" sign over on the door as I closed it. Made it feel real. The worst part? The paperwork.Since I'm just an intern, I don't have my own office. I have to see clients wherever they can squeeze up in. That kinda sucks, but my middle name is "flexible," after all. Which is way better than the middle name my parents gave me and which I do not share with the world.Gotta run. Depression support group tonight. Sounds fun, huh?!

Monday, February 19, 2007

gettin' started
Haven't blogged much. Don't really have a lot to say. Definitely ready for the weather to get warm and stay that way. I live down here for a reason, and biting wind ain't it!I'm getting close to graduation - Aug. I still need to complete 100 face-to-face counseling hours to graduate, which would be a whole lot easier to do if only the clients would show up! And seein's how I haven't even had one session with any of my scheduled clients, I can honestly say that the problem is not with me. They haven't even met me yet! I haven't had a chance to pour on the charm.That's a funny thing about depressed people - if they're feeling depressed they don't really feel like going anywhere (like counseling) and if they're feeling good, they figure they don't need counseling...Drop me a line sometime, reader.