Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I'm up past my bedtime, watching Jay Leno read crazy news headlines. One was a classified advertising the sale of a Satan Wedding Gown. Love it!

It reminded me of the years I worked at a psychiatric hospital for teens. There was this one mixed up, misunderstood youngster that decided he was going to start worshipping the devil. He paid homage to the dark lord by vandalizing the wall in the common area. In huge black letters he had scrawled, "Satin rules!" I advised him that if he wanted to find favor with Satan, he should learn to spell his name.

Then there was this other patient with a shaved head that wore combat boots and camo everyday. The Skinheads were popular in those days, and he claimed to pledge his allegiance to them. One day during a session, as he was lashing out at me, I asked him if he realized that the group for which he had such admiration would probably not allow him to join their club. He glared at me and asked why I would say such a thing. I simply said, "Dear, the Skinheads are white supremacists, and you are not white."

Those were fun times.