Sunday, January 6, 2008

Name that Tune

I play along with some of those surveys sometimes. BB posts them pretty often. In the wake of my recent exposure to Disney musicals, I have been thinking, okay obsessing, about songs. The kind of songs that fit circumstances, tell stories, describe people. You know, like the ones in Disney musicals.

So here is a little survey of my own. Play along. I can't wait to see your choices.

1) If you had a personal theme song, what would it be? I could have chosen any number of girl-power songs, but the one that comes to the surface is In My Daughter's Eyes.

2) What song would you ask a DJ to dedicate to your someone special? Wow, there are several good ones. Today it might be If You Could Read My Mind.

3) What is the dumbest song you have ever heard? MacArthur Park

4) What song makes you dance in your kitchen when no one is looking? Hot, Hot, Hot

5) What song has lyrics (words) that you just can't understand, no matter how many times you listen to it? Uninvited. What is it that she is saying at the end of that refrain?

6) What is your ear worm - which annoying song manages to get stuck in your head a lot? Close to You

7) Which song are you most embarrassed to admit that you love? Kung Fu Fighting

8) Name a sultry song, one that makes your heart skip a beat. Besame Mucho, followed closely by Hero


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure of the rest of it, but I think your theme song should be "She Don't Know She's Beautiful."

amcnew said...

Uh, wow... thanks!