Saturday, January 5, 2008

Nuttin' in Particular

This was a short week, having been off Monday and Tuesday. And yet I am worn out. Maybe it has something to do with cleaning up my home office today. I'm not done, but I made some headway and can see the floor again.
Went to see Enchanted last night. (I have girls, so naturally we go to see all the princess movies.) It was funny in spots, and campy altogether, but it made me smile. And, again, I sat there wishing that life was like that. That you could just break into song and dance on a whim while walking down the street, complete strangers joining in. I mean, I suppose you can break into song and dance anytime, but the reactions of onlookers would probably not be so favorable...
I was forced to take the girls to a birthday party today at Chuck E Cheese's. I detest that place. Their motto is "Chuck E Cheese's, where a kid can be a kid." More like "Where a parent can use a Valium." The pizza isn't even any good, which worked to my advantage as I have started a new healthy eating regimen. Did you know that some people don't wait for a birthday party but actually take their kids there for fun?! Amazing.
A friend of mine recently said that men were simple creatures. I laughed and nodded. But I've had some time to think about it, and I've decided that it is not true. I've decided that men can be really confusing. For one thing, lots of men find it difficult to express a broad range of emotions, so the ones you get are not always a fair representation of what they really feel. What appears to be indifference might be confusion, what seems to be anger may be worry, etc. Sheesh.

And there are the guys who tell their women that they prefer them 'au naturale' yet stop dead in their tracks to gawk at the perfectly primped passerby. Yes, gentlemen, we absolutely see you looking. And we quickly check our hair in the next available reflective surface.

Then there's the double standard. For instance, the fella would love it if his sweetie would keep her legs shaved at all times, just in case (wink, wink). But he thinks nothing of letting the beard grow a bit on the weekends. Boys, boys... do you think we don't care whether your cheeks are smooth, just in case?

And you know what? It's all fine. We know you're confusing. We know we are as well. Keeps things interesting.


Anonymous said...

We men are not only simple creatures, but we are frequently oblivious to the world that we walk around in. And most times unable to describe in words the jumbled, stream of consciousness brilliance that rattles in our heads!

amcnew said...

Ah... so that's what you call it! Thanks for stopping by!