Monday, January 21, 2008

Logic and Muscle

Went to see the latest National Treasure movie on Friday. We never saw the first one because the girls were a little young for it. Gonna have to rent it, though, because the second one is great fun! And Mikel and I watched the first half of the miniseries Broken Trail. It was tough to sit through, but not without its merits. The second half should be coming from Netflix in a couple of days.

I did a bucket load of housework this weekend. Not by choice. I am not a very good wife in that regard. I would rather have a root canal than to cook or clean. But it had to be done. Because we were gone between Christmas and New Years, and Mikel has worked for the past three weekends, and I couldn't get the boxes down from the attic alone, our Christmas decorations were still up. I played the epiphany card as long as I could. Since we were both off work today, I took advantage of Mikel's muscle and everything is put away. I have my living room back!

Last night we went to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. It has been years since I went to a rodeo, and the girls had never been. We had a terrific time! Toward the end of the evening, the Not-So-Little One turned to me to say, "Mommy, I know why girls only do the barrel racing and not the other stuff. Because girls are too smart to get on an animal on purpose that is just going to throw them off." Can't argue with that logic.

Made me think of BB who pays for people to punch and kick and maybe even thrown him on the floor at Krav Maga. Or Mikel, who used to gleefully abuse his body weekly on a motocross track. Or my dad, who got slammed and tackled on the high school football field. Or my older brother who got poked and stabbed and whacked in the fencing strip. Boys...

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