Sunday, January 27, 2008

Like the Wind

After nearly 10 years, two children, two surgeries, and numerous injuries, I have finally gotten back on my bike! Once upon a time I used to do those organized rides, like the Hotter 'n Hell, riding 25 or 50 miles. I was never all that competitive, riding for fun only, but it was part of my identity for several years. But like many things, once I stopped doing it regularly I found it difficult to get started again.

Today the weather was perfect for a ride. I chose to do this thing for myself instead of attending an open house at church. I am not sorry. I didn't get the work out I hoped for because the girls were having a hard time keeping up with me and street traffic makes me nervous. But once we got to the trails at the park things moved along better. I even had one good opportunity to tuck and fly downhill. Terrific!

I am checking into local rides for the girls and us. The registration fees always go to some worthy cause, the scenery is great, and everyone gets a t-shirt and water bottle. What more could a girl ask for?

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