Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bear with Me

(the picture referred to has been removed by editor)

I promise this huge picture of me won't be here for long. I'm just really proud of it! First of all, I generally take horrible, repeat horrible, pictures. But this one turned out all right! I'm still laughing at the fact that I was so excited that I never bothered to take my hair out from under the hood. And I was having a good hair day, too.

Secondly, I still can't believe that after all this time I finished a graduate degree. It was super cool to walk across that stage and then turn around to have the dean place that hood over my head. He is not a tall man, so even I had to bend at the knees so that he could reach above my head. Ha!

I'm told that pride is a sin. Guilty!

I have a good friend that was an Azalea Trail Maid in her home state of Alabama. She and her lovely companions were featured on billboards along the freeway, welcoming visitors to the state. They had to go through quite the rigmarole to be selected for this esteemed honor. She represented her home county and made many appearances in her antebellum gown, bonnet, and parasol. She was fiercely proud of this, still has the gown. I don't blame her.

Kelley's still as beautiful and sweet and fresh as she was in those head shots, by the way. She's soaking up the California sunshine now, pursuing a PhD in psychology. Beauty and brains.... is envy a sin, too? If so, guilty again!

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BB said...

I'm so proud of you.

And envious! I must remember to put on a big, terrific smile like that when it's time for my photo.