Sunday, July 22, 2007


We had a visiting Army chaplain at church. He is on leave from Iraq and has to return tomorrow. I don't know the man - he's never visited our church before. But my heart went out to his wife and son who stood stoically by his side as members greeted them and wished him Godspeed. I was really young when my father shipped out to Viet Nam, so I can only begin to imagine what it feels like to watch someone you love return to a hostile land.

Tomorrow I will drop the Not-So-Little One off for her first week-long church camp experience. Not a hostile land, for sure, but too far away for goodnight kisses. She took the lead on packing and did a very thorough job with minimal supervision. My girls have been packing their own bags for trips since they were toddlers. Only once has anything important been forgotten, and Walmart has everything, even Hello Kitty underpants. I think of it as the modern day trading post.

The longest the Not-So-Little One has been away from home is two and a half days. She is very excited, assuring me that she will be fine and that she will make friends. She tells me that she will write, but I imagine there will not be time for that. I will not cry in front of her, but all bets are off on the drive home. And in the office. Sorry, BB.

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BB said...

As counselors-in-training, we're taught not to hand crying clients tissues, as it could be perceived as a subtle message to knock it off. But you knew that.

If you cry, I will hand you tissues, but it doesn't mean knock it off. Just wanted to be clear about that. I cried like a Girl Scout when each of our kids started daycare. I understand, amiga.

I hope she has a terrific trip!