Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I just found out that a young woman that attends my church died this morning after a valiant battle with cancer. The cancer was diagnosed about a year ago while she was pregnant with her first child. They delayed the treatments for the sake of the baby. She fought hard, and she will be remembered.

I learned yesterday that a woman who means the world to someone underwent an unsuccessful surgery. Hours on the table for naught. What do you do with this information? How do you help the hurting? What words do you use, what gifts can you offer? None, I tell you. None.

Saturday I received an email telling me that a mutual friend, a talented vocalist, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She doesn't see the specialist or the surgeon until November. Apparently no one of any authority is in a hurry to get this thing out of her. It happens to be located in the speech center of her brain. Let me repeat - she is a vocalist. Since receiving this news I have struggled with the value of life without the ability to sing about it.

Death and illness. Seems there has been an awful lot of it in my life recently. Some of it expected, some of it not. All of it painful.

Angry am I.

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Anonymous said...

trying times. and these are also the times to be thankful for every good, healthy day you and your loved ones have. we don't always remember this. i don't.

and like a great gospel artist once sang, "lean on me when you're not strong."