Monday, May 12, 2008

Quick Update

I had a very nice Mother's Day weekend. The Not-So-Little One attended a social at school on Friday while Mikel went to Daddy/Daughter dance rehearsal* and the Little One played at a friend's house, so I had a few hours of peace and quiet (translates to "napping").

Early Saturday morning I awoke with a killer headache, and Mikel worked some overtime, so I medicated and caught a few more zzzz's. The Little One and I went to Mommy/Daughter dance rehearsal* and had a really fun time.

(*These dance rehearsals are for recital numbers that Dads and Moms can participate in with a daughter.)

Took in a Fort Worth Cats game Saturday evening. The weather was great, the crowd was enthusiastic, and the score keeper was busy. The Cats won, but the Canaries gave 'em a run for their money. We ate burgers and ice cream and had a grand time. The Not-So-Little One was in charge of reminding me not to yell because I had a singing engagement the next day. She was diligent.

I sang in both services at church and, if I do say so myself, it was quite satisfactory. Everything I built into the song - dynamics, color, texture, emotion, placement - happened as planned. I hope the congregations benefitted as much as I did.

After church I was treated to a fine meal at Outback. It was crowded! I dined sufficiently, which is much nicer than saying, "I got full as a tick."

After a little more napping, we all plopped down in the living room with popcorn and sodas and the 2003 remake of Music Man with Matthew Broderick. The girls were reluctant, but I told them no self-respecting dancer can go through life without seeing a few musicals. Besides, it was my day, and I love me some musicals.

Speaking of dancing - the girls are going to be quite busy next year. They have both been invited to dance with the Junior Competing Company next year. In order to participate in the company, they will take a summer class, participate in three workshops, and compete in three contests. They will take ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical. And they have also been invited to enroll in a pre-pointe class.

Only dancers who have proven a level of competence in ballet are considered to dance en pointe. Most girls don't stick with ballet long enough to earn this consideration, and it is no small recognition. We are all thrilled. I will cry like a baby the first time I see them en pointe.

What all this means is that I will have to keep the second job to pay for the classes and the eight costumes each of them will need. But it is worth every cent to know that they are happy, poised, focused, skilled, confident, and purposefully occupied.

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