Thursday, May 8, 2008

At'll Do

It's been a whirlwind week, mostly of the out-of-the-office kind. Mikel has been trying to purchase a motorcycle. Yes, indeed. First the man-truck and now a sleek, black little Triumph America cruiser with just the right amount of chrome. He's a hap-hap-happy boy, and I'm glad he has a hobby that he loves.

The dealership offered an insulting 18.9% interest rate for 5 years. We walked out and went directly to our credit union. They offered 5.9% for 4 years. Sold.


I did take a little time for myself yesterday and visit the salon. Stacey once again worked her magic on this mess also known as my hair. She is an artist. A very patient artist.

Stacey takes her job seriously, and as my stylist she found it necessary to point out the greys that have crept into my mane. I am resisting the urge to color, and I told her just that. We both agreed that at my age I have earned a few greys.

I noticed as I sat in the chair that the three blonde women that flanked me were all there to have their roots touched up. They all looked the same - same hair color, same hair style, same fashion sense, same facial features. It was eery. I was proud to be different for once.


BB has been out of the office, as well. Which means the phone calls hit my desk. Rats. Guess it would be wrong to forward them all to his voice mail....


My little church choir reached an important milestone last night at rehearsal. The 6 that were there rang in an overtone on the last chord of an anthem. I could tell by the looks on their faces that they were bewildered by my excitement. I tried to explain to them what it means. I tried to tell them that by singing their four notes in exactly the same placement, with exact intonation, and with exactly the same vowel, they were able to produce an extra note - one that they were not singing - by virtue of good vocal production. I went on to say that when that happens they suddenly sound bigger than 6 people. They still seemed unimpressed. Sigh...........

Oh, well. I certainly understand what it means. It means that they are finally taking me seriously. That I am fulfilling my purpose. That I am doing precisely what I was sent to do for these singers. That although all directors dream of conducting huge choirs, little choirs can dream big and perform big. And... that I really do know what I'm doing.

At'll do, pig. At'll do.

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