Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Am Texas

I was not born in Texas, but I got here as soon as I could. And Texas courses through my veins.

I am Texas.

I am larger than life, and I am shamelessly proud. I believe I am chosen by God and that He put me here for a purpose. And I can be humble when that is what it takes to reach you.

I will welcome you with open arms and happily give all I have to offer. And when I believe you are good and settled in, I will no longer wait on you. I will encourage you to make yourself at home and help yourself.

I will proudly show off all of my attributes and graciously accept your compliments, for I know that they are hard-earned and well-deserved. And if you decide that you no longer appreciate me, I will sweetly show you the back door and the highway that will take you back to wherever you will be happy. For I sincerely believe that no one should remain where they are not happy.

I am vastly diverse. I have hills to raise you up and valleys to draw you closer to me. I have changing tides and flowing waters to take away your pain. I have close forest glades to embrace you and spaces so wide you can see forever. I am language and color and movement and sound and taste and beauty and touch and aroma. To love me is to accept me in my entirety, for to separate any of these from the others would mean the end of me.

I am ever changing. Most days I am warm and sunny, beaming at you until you return my smile. And without warning I may be a fierce storm, speaking my mind and clearing away all that distresses me. I will test you with fire and still you with numbing cold. I can be windy if I believe I am not being heard. When you grieve I will whisper softly in your ear. And if life knocks you down and drags you down the road, I will cleanse you with a gentle rain.

I will drench you in brilliant color at the kiss of dusk so that you will have beautiful dreams. And I will light your way through the darkness with a million stars. My devotion, like my sky, never ends.

I am Texas.


BB said...

WOW. You, my friend, are a WRITER.

Greatest. Post. Ever.

amcnew said...
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Brian said...

You left out cedar pollen. Surely no synopsis of Texas should be without cedar pollen.

amcnew said...

You are so right. My bad!
Thanks for dropping by!