Friday, May 23, 2008


Have you ever had so many things bouncing around in your head that you wanted to write about that you knew you couldn't fit them all in one post and didn't know where to start anyway so you just resigned yourself to blogging about nothing all that important?

Oh... uh... me, either.

Okay, CAN'T WAIT to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I'm all a-tingle just thinking about getting to see a shirtless Harrison Ford again. Oh, yeah, and all that action and special effects and stuff, too. Yeah, of course.

And... CAN'T WAIT to see the new Get Smart movie. I loved, loved, loved that show when I was young. It was virtually impossible to wallow in my teenage angst when watching Maxwell Smart talk into his shoe.

Hey, go over to Amanda's blog, This Is How It Goes, and read about her cruise. And check out how hot she looks in her Little Black Dress. Easy, boys. Gotta get me a dress like that.

After that, go to Looky, Daddy! and read his "Flick" post. And then get on your knees and genuflect and beg forgiveness for taking pleasure in another man's pain. I'll meet you at the altar.

Speaking of another man's pain, get BB to tell you about jalapenos and milk sometime...

I finally sent off all of the paperwork to apply for my temporary counseling license. Man, they must really need you to be absolutely sure you want to go through with this, because they make you jump through a lot of hoops to apply for these licenses. And pay a lot of fees.

Our air conditioning went out at the end of last summer. We toughed it out for the remaining weeks knowing that eventually we would get a break from the heat. And, we just didn't have the money. So we have scrimped and saved and paid off bills, and the repairman is coming tomorrow morning to put it a new unit, to the tune of $1700.

It will be worth it to sleep in a cool house again. I'm one of those weirdos that can't sleep without some type of cover, and I can't stand to have anything blowing across my body while I'm trying to sleep, so you can imagine how little rest I've gotten these last two weeks.

I'm conducting a stress management workshop at my boss' church in a few weeks. Quit laughing. I can say this with all honesty - it will be like no other stress management workshop anyone has ever attended. Including me.

My office is on the second floor, and I have plenty of windows that offer a lovely view of the parking lot. I also have a nesting pair of pidgeons on the ledge. The babies (what do you call baby pidgeons - pidglets?) are getting pretty sizable and nearly have all their feathers. Which is good, 'cuz naked baby birds are not attractive. They don't mind me checking on them one bit.

Hey, one of my favorite songs is on the radio - Rock Me, Amedeus!

My brain is on fire, so expect some rapid posting in the next few days.

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