Monday, March 17, 2008

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday I had a sore throat, the result of riding in the cold wind and not sleeping more than 15 minutes at a time the night before. I sounded like George Burns. Sunday morning hymns were not pretty. I am better today, although I doubt I could tackle an Italian aria.

Yesterday was Palm Sunday. The boys were given permission to run and shout and wave hands and palm branches - in church! They ate that up. My daughters choreographed a dance and then taught it to the other girls that participated in the processional. I was mighty proud. They are natural performers.

Yesterday after church we girls bought our Easter dresses. This is a tradition that goes all the way back to my mother. We will forgo the gloves and hats this year, though. My fresh contribution to the ritual is that I got ours at 75% off.

Yesterday afternoon the Not-So-Little One walked into the garage, grabbed the wagon, and started walking off down the street. I asked where she was going and she said, "On a rescue mission." Huh?

She returned hauling a somewhat ratty-looking plush horse with stiff legs, about 24" tall. The kind a toddler could sit upon. Also in tow was her little sister with blood oozing out of a scrape on her knee. She said she fell out of the wagon.

A quick assessment told us that she must have been sitting on the horse in the wagon. A very bad idea. The suspicion was confirmed. I calmly informed her as I was bandaging the wound that she earned this boo-boo and that she should have had the other knee banged up, too, for good measure. She wasn't amused, but she didn't argue.

Today the agency is having a luncheon. Each program had to design and build a centerpiece reflecting events of a particular year. There is prize money involved. We were assigned 1971. Ours is good. Five-dimensional. The contest begins in an hour. Bring it.

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