Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Wish...

... that people would not butcher the pronunciation of "karaoke". The act of karaoke is painful enough.

... that if we are going to be at war with another country that the leaders of this country would learn to pronounce its name.

... that my girls would stay exactly the way they are at this moment, because they still like me.

... that we could all just let go of the past and move forward.

... that a special switch would get activated inside of every parent the day a baby is born that would force them to love them and do right by them.

... that my friends could see in themselves the qualities I see in them.

... that I could see in myself the things they say they see in me.

... that I really could be myself. All of the time. And still be liked.

... that I didn't look so dadgummed old.

... that the police would go fight real crime and quit waiting around to give me speeding tickets.

... that there were enough hours in the week to enjoy all of the things I am interested in.

... that we didn't all live so far from each other.

... that cats and dogs didn't shed so much.

... that I could shed those last 10 pounds.

... that I wasn't so in love with food.

... that the filing fairy would come wave her magic wand over my desk.

... that my voice was not so fickle.

... ditto on the hair.

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