Saturday, March 15, 2008

Smoothies, Coffee, Snowcones, and Flowers

Yesterday I discovered Smoothie King. Had never been there before. Chose a plain ol' fruit thing with some crazy name but without all the protein powder and extra vitamins and energy stuff. I thought the little guy behind the counter was gonna faint.

Hung out in my favorite coffee shop this morning. I am one of the few folks that does not worship the Starbucks gods. Give me my local Dunn Brothers anytime. It's quiet, the staff is friendly, and the coffee is good. Well, it was quiet until the Not-So-Little One and I started playing Jenga.

The Not-So-Little One and I rode our bicycles over to the high school to check out their little Spring carnival. It is 8 miles round trip - if you know exactly how to get there. Don't you just hate those roads that just suddenly end? We had to backtrack more than once. So we probably road more like 10 miles. It was great fun, though. She and I have always been comfortable with one another.

I bought some soy candles. We ate snowcones 'cuz this is Texas and it was warm out. Mine was coconut. She laughed at my blue lips.

I had rolled up my right pant leg to keep it from catching in my bike chain, and I forgot to roll it back down. I noticed this AFTER I had walked all around the carnival. I looked at the Not-So-Little One and asked her if she planned on telling me that I looked like a dork. She said, "I figured you knew."

She's a girl of few words, and the ones she uses get the point across.

After we got home, I pulled weeds in my flower beds and transplanted the chrysanthemums. Bought some more bedding plants. I'll get those in the ground tomorrow.

My face is wind and sun burned. So are the backs of my hands, the parts that were not covered by my cycling gloves. My legs are sore. So is my throat, unfortunately.

Holy Week begins in about 15 minutes. It is a busy time in the life of a choir director. I should get some sleep.

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