Thursday, September 4, 2008

Things I Didn't Need to See

Here are some things I did not need to see on my way to work today:
  • the sticker in the back glass of the monster pick up truck that reads slapaho
  • all of those other stickers in the back windows of all of those other trucks that depict Calvin peeing on something
  • the pack of boys walking beside the road holding on to their "parts" while their baggy shorts hung below their backsides
  • the boxer shorts being worn by that same pack of boys
  • the fourth grader wearing eye shadow and mascara
  • the middle-schooler with the cigarette hanging out of his mouth
  • the sixteen-year-olds in my neighborhood driving nicer cars than I own
  • the beer billboard that featured the headless upper torso of a young woman in a cut off t-shirt, allowing a peek at the underside of her breasts
  • the "gentlemen's" clubs billboards that suggest that men can have a better time gazing at strangers than spending time with their own partners
  • the huge, faded, rusty billboard on the side of the freeway with an arrow pointing the way to Plastic Surgery

These things can all be summed up in one word - tasteless.


BB said...

Yeah, as if having a huge, monstro truck didn't already scream "compensation," now they actually have the nerve to hang a plastic, um, scrotum off the back of some of them. Issues, man... little boys with big trucks have issues.

amcnew said...

Oh, yeah, I forgot about the hanging trailer hitch scrotum...

I do like the trailer hitch fish that wiggles its tail whenever the brake lights come one, though!