Monday, April 6, 2009

One Down, One to Go

My girls competed with their dance team at a contest on Saturday. Their group performed in four numbers, and they joined the rest of the teams from their studio for a production number. Here are the results:
  • Tap, Jr Intermediate - "Little Less Conversation" - high silver achievement
  • Ballet, Jr Intermediate - "Blackbird" - gold achievement
  • Jazz, Jr Intermediate - "Ain't Nothing Wrong with That" - gold achievement
  • Lyrical, Jr Intermediate - "Gravity" - gold achievement
  • Combined group production number - "School of Rock" - high gold achievement
The judges then compared points and ranked the teams according to their score and category. In the Jr Intermediate Large Group category, their team took 2nd, 4th, and 5th place overall. This was very exciting!

All but one of the girls on the team were competing for the first time, so the results exceeded everyone's expectations. They compete again in Oklahoma City at the beginning of May, and they have high hopes for a good showing.

In an age when kids seem to lose interest in things quickly and bounce from activity to activity, we can't get over the fact that these two girls are in their 8th year of dance at the same studio. After every year-end recital I ask, "Are you sure you want to do this again next year?" And each time they respond with a resounding, "Yes!"

Be careful when you tell your kids to get involved and do their best. They might just do it.

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