Thursday, October 4, 2007

Her Royal Dorkness

I got over worrying about what other people thought of me a long time ago. So here are a few of the things I enjoy that are probably on your "dork" list:

Barry Manilow

barbershop music

fabric stores

sappy love songs

mixing my peas with my mashed potatoes

long hair (on either gender)

guys with earrings

soap operas

light (I mean really light) reading

reading books to my girls, complete with voices

80s music (especially handy for boogy-ing down in the kitchen while washing dishes)

Dancing with the Stars

And something new - I've "discovered" a group called Celtic Woman. Another terrific reason to watch PBS. Wow, I love these ladies. I've been contemplating why I like them so much, and I've realized that I identify with them on some level. I guess I have had similar vocal training, because I can sing along with them (except the songs in Gaelic). We breathe the same way, we enunciate the same way, we use vibrato the same way. Vowels match. Placement is very similar. Apparently I was simply born on the wrong continent.


Anonymous said...

i'll see your Barry Manilow and anything else you've got and raise you a Hulk comic book...

Anonymous said...

the Hulk sure gets around...

Anonymous said...

my 3yr-old knows most of the words to my 80s songs. we rock out. just hope he never sings 'Sexy & 17' at church!!!!!!

Amanda said...

I'm a dork too. I STILL love Duran Duran! BB can almost listen to me discuss my childish fascination with them without wincing.

amcnew said...

Wow, who knew a post about dorkiness would get the most comments of all? I love Duran Duran, too, Amanda. And we both know BB has "interesting" tastes in... oh, lots of things...