Wednesday, January 27, 2010

That's What I Like

I've written plenty about things that annoy or confuse me. Today's post is about things I like.

I like that God grants just enough of my wishes to keep me coming back with more requests. And that He overlooks the fact that I am selfish and keep asking for stuff.

I like that He granted me a sense of humor, and the good sense to know when it is most effective to use it. If I am indeed created in His image, that means He has a sense of humor, too. I hope He uses it when He looks down and sees me screwing up. Again.

I like that despite the bickering, my daughters care about one another. When The Not-So-Little One's cell phone battery was going bad and she wasn't too keen on the idea of using the no-frills spare, The Little One offered to take the boring phone and let her sister have hers. "Here... you can use this one, and I'll take the cheap one. You are older and deserve the better one." We found another alternative, but not before making it clear that this was a true example of sacrifice.

I like that once in a while those same daughters remember to say "thank you."

I like that there are people out there with greater intellect and patience than I to figure out the hard stuff. I like that I have the absolute freedom to decide whether I want to believe what they say. Most of all I like that my belief systems are not static. I can change my beliefs as I grow and learn.

I like that when one baby starts to cry iin public, all the others cry,too. It's a sign of solidarity. I still do it myself. Sometimes I want to cry FOR someone who is in distress and can't seem to bring himself or herself to do it. Does that make me empathic, or infantile? Wait... don't answer that.

I like that as an adult I don't have to eat carrots. I eat the dadgum things, but I don't HAVE to if I don't want to. Or brussel sprouts. I don't eat those. Yuck.

I like that someone who reads this post will respond, extolling the virtues of brussel sprouts and spawning a vegetable debate. Recipes will be exchanged and all will be right with the culinary world once more.

I like that dogs don't have an agenda. What you see is what you get. They like what they like, they don't pretend to like things they don't, and they don't hold grudges. I'm not so sure about cats, however...

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Library Lady said...

I like all veggies EXCEPT beets. In the veggie garden my fiance will be planting for us this spring, he will NOT plant beets.

Carrots..perhaps...but NO beets!

Am loving your posts and glad to see you're blogging again!

Library Lady