Thursday, July 24, 2008

Celtic Woman

This is singing. It is this to which I aspire. It is this that I work toward every day. Sometimes I get close, usually I'm frustrated. I never give up, because the results are worth the effort.

I have raved about Celtic Woman in this forum before. I hope you will watch this. And I hope you will follow the links to some of their other videos. But more importantly, I hope you will set aside your notions about what "good music" is or is not, about what "cool" is or is not.

And... just listen. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and allow yourself to feel this.

This a capella number is sheer bliss.

The one luscious chord at the end of this one is worth the anticipation.


BB said...

Man, what crystalline voices on these women. It's positively unreal.

amcnew said...

Yeah, I wanna be them when I grow up.