Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sad News

Tim Russert
May 7, 1950 to June 13, 2008
I learned this morning that NBC News' Washington Bureau Chief and moderator of Meet the Press died yesterday. I know practically nothing about politics. What little I do know can be attributed to Russert's appearances on the Today Show and my occasional viewings of Meet the Press.
Working and advocating for the underprivileged has taught me that value of paying attention to the political process. The irony in that is that most folks who work in the trenches with the poor and vulnerable have little interest in what the cronies on the hill are up to. Russert had a way of keeping it plain, and I was actually able to understand him. And if guests on his show resorted to circular rhetoric to avoid answering the tough questions, he held them to task.
He loved his father, even wrote a book about him. He loves his family. He loves his country. To know this much about love, to have to this much love to give, he surely felt loved himself.


BB said...

Watching all the highlights from his career, the interview snippets, the accolades... you know, the man shone brightly.

Some people just... shine.

(And of course, some don't. Half empty versus half full, right?).

I loved his disposition. It just jumped out of the screen. His passing is sad.

BB said...

Happy Monday.