Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Too Fast

My girls danced in three numbers at a community event on Friday. Their comfort level with performing has become quite evident. I have always been pleased with the dance troups from our studio. Very professional. Even the youngest girls understand that it is a no-no to wipe the dead grass off your backside in the middle of a number. Apparently the girls from the other local studios haven't been taught this.

Saturday morning we went over to one of the middle schools in our district to participate in a walk for the American Diabetes Association. There was a terrific turn out. We walked around the track until they told us to stop - about 2 1/2 miles. It is a cause close to our hearts. Both of our mothers and Mikel's stepmother died due to complications of diabetes.

We rewarded ourselves with burgers at a family-owned joint down the road. We like to patronize individually-owned establishments.

As soon as we got back the house the girls and I hopped on our bikes and enjoyed the sunny afternoon. We only rode about 8 miles. I took a very acrobatic tumble. Riding in town does not provide a decent physical work out, but it is mentally taxing. Constantly on guard for traffic and stray dogs, dodging debris, running across intersections, backtracking when you run out of pavement, lots of starting and stopping.

A note about starting and stopping - when I bought my road bike many years ago, I purchased the smallest frame I could find. I can straddle the cross bar, but not without standing on my toes. Which means that when I am in the saddle, I cannot touch the ground even with my toes. It also means that when I have to hop off the saddle, I will end up landing hard on the bar. I have bruises in places that should otherwise be treated with tender loving care, if you know what I mean.

Saturday night I took the Not-So-Little One to spend her birthday money. She told me she had a plan. I followed her through the store directly to the toy department. Interesting, since she is 11. I expected her to buy clothes or a Nintendo game or a CD. Nope. She picked out the Our Generation doll that looked most like her and a horse for the doll to ride. She whispered to the doll in a barely audible voice, "I have been wanting you for so long. I finally have the money to buy you."

I was thrilled. I worry about how quickly our kids grow up. I watch parents encourage, even force, their kids to act like little adults. They turn the radio dials in their cars to adult stations while driving the kids to school. Take them to R rated movies. Criticize the children's television programming in front of them. And then they are shocked when these kids behave in unexpectedly grown up ways. There is plenty of time to be a grown up. I want my girls to be girls for as long as possible.

And they grow up fast. Yes, they do.


lsdivergal said...

oh...girl..you are SO wrong. Had Aunty M sobbing like little girl at her desk. My girls...I love you

amcnew said...

Sorry 'bout that!

Edie said...

Great work.