Thursday, November 1, 2007

No One Got Axed

This is the first chance I've had to post since we returned from Nacogdoches. Things at work have been crazy busy. I am exhausted, having just put the finishing touches on our new policies and procedures for my program. Finished, my shiny white hiney - who am I kidding? I see several edits and revisions in my future...

Anyway, we all drove out to SFASU for homecoming weekend. There was a cool bonfire on Friday night, a parade Saturday morning, and of course an afternoon football game. And the Jacks..... lost. They were spanked. They were humiliated. As the Not-So-Little-One so aptly put it, "The Jacks didn't ax nobody. They got the ax." Indeed they did. However, we still had a terrific time in the Oldest Town in Texas. Did our best to support the economy by spending copious amounts of money on SFA apparel and paraphernalia. Man, I love me some purple!

It's tough to see it here, but the girls and I are giv'n 'em the ax in our new jerseys:

(Man, are we cool or what?)

I did my absolute darnedest to brainwash the girls into making SFA their college of choice. It has a high academic rating, it's just far enough away from home to encourage a little independence, just small enough for you to be somebody, just big enough to have real traditions, and just affordable enough that mom and dad can help with tuition.

Nac has changed a lot since I was last there. But the campus remains one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. I basked in shameless nostalgia as I walked past the buildings I spent the most time in. And it just smells good out there. No stinky traffic, just pine trees and clean air. I would gladly go back if only there were a way to make a living.

Took the girls trick-or-treating tonight. I'm the world's worst Asian. I always forget to take pictures. I escorted Harry Potter's buddy Hermione and The Devil all over the neighborhood. I had to ask the Little One to stop referring to herself as Satan.

Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween. Don't eat all of your kids' candy (BB). Drop in and tell me what your kids dressed as to go begging door-to-door.


Amanda said...

The world's worst Asian... LOL!

amcnew said...

It's all ture, I'm afraid. I always forget to take any of my three great cameras with me when I go places. And I can't hardly use chopsticks. My mother is probably rolling over in her grave...